Believing that children, if well nourished, are able to participate more fully in the learning environment,
McBackpack provides supplemental food to Poudre School District students and
their families who otherwise would not have enough food over the weekend.

Each week McBackpack volunteers pack food and deliver it to schools throughout the district.   At the schools, the food is then placed in backpacks and given to the children to take home.

How Can I Help?

Packing the Bags
Assigning Delivery
Packing the Bags
Getting the Special Bags Ready
Getting the Bags from the Storeroom
Working on Specials
Putting Away the Name Tags
Storing the Bags
Packing the Bags
Sharing a laugh
Our Board of Directors

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This week at McBackpacks (January 11, 2018):

Our next packing day will be on Thursday January 11, 2018.   Please arrive at 7:15 AM to set up and at 7:30 AM to pack.

On our last packing day, we packed 415 bags of food and delivered to 40 schools.

For the 2017 - 18 school year, we have packed 4,460 bags of food.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
      -- Mahatma Gandhi